1995 to 2000 - The Dawn of IWAN

It all started with a dream. It was the dawn of something big. Something that would leave a mark on everything it touches. With an insatiable passion for Design as our fuel, there was no curbing our desire towards the realization of that dream.

2001 to 2005 - Focus on the Details

Then was the time to all but cement that name and prove to our customers that their trust in us has been well placed. The tiniest of details, which are consistently overlooked by some, will more often than not, prove to be the difference between success and failure.

2006 to 2010 - Unleashing the Giant

Those 5 years were all about growth and tackling challenges which were deemed far too big of a gamble earlier.Our boat has finally developed into the ship that can take on the biggest wave of the ocean and weather its fiercest storm. There was simply, no stopping us.

2011 to 2015 - Developing Dynamic tools

Until that point, IWAN was to a large extent, going by the book and applying tried and tested theories. A strategy which had paid dividends thus far and has transformed IWAN from a small company back in 1995 to the business behemoth it currently is. It was high time IWAN retired from its role as a follower and embraced its new role as creator. As a Design company, IWAN knew all too well that there was always room for improvement, there is always a better way of doing something and this of course applied to the way business was carried out. Accordingly, IWAN delved into the business development space and began active development of dynamic tools that optimized and improved the way business was being done.   

2016 to 2020 - The era of change

If the past 5 years were proof of anything, they were proof that IWAN is now capable of so much more than what it has been doing. IWAN has thus far been doing an outstanding job when it came to the immediate needs of its customers and their business requirements. But why settle for this when you have the potential to make the whole world a better place? With IWAN’s unrivaled abilities to create flawless designs that are not restricted to a specific industry or business sector, there is absolutely no limit to what IWAN can do. IWAN’s vision for the current era is to provide new unique designs across multiple industries and sectors that will completely change the way business is being done across the entire world. It would be the logical next step in IWAN’s journey where it would embrace the role of “Game Changer” and set the new rules. Patent plans may potentially follow to spread academic awareness of IWAN’s unique concepts and offerings.

The light bulb wasn’t invented by continuously improving the candle.

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