This is the second generation of IWAN projects, which we added to the family neighborhood concept, the Balanced lifestyle approach and the name of the `Balanced Homes. This approach was the first time that a real estate developer starts to care about human aspects, addressing the positive energy of community and concerned by the mind/body balance.

18% of Jedar’s land is devoted to the residential areas, which were inspired by simplicity and modern style with a twist of Arabic Heritage providing our residents with much-needed privacy. Our architects worked hard to bring out the best of our Arabic Heritage to suit the modern market taste.

Features displaying this direction are wood and metal patterns, derived from Arabic geometrical shapes. Using stones is also a reminder of all solid historical buildings.

This exposure allows display of our unique Architectural direction, it is modern intellectual, yet still sensual with its Arabic feeling.

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VITTORIA-Marsa Allam

Facing the golden sandy beaches of the Red Sea, the resort covers 270,000 sqm with flourishing garden, artificial lakes & pools. The architecture layout & infrastructure have been skillfully designed, using all resources of knowledge & up to date technology, providing all the luxury & convenience of the place. The resort is divided into circular

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Grand Mosque of Pristina

Location: Pristina-Kosovo Client: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Scope of work: Design concept-Competition Area: 8,000 m2

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