Jewar is the small sister of Jeera which has followed its concept of the family neighbourhood, however, catering a different product and high-quality residential apartments with unparalleled landscape experience.

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, lies Jewar with a landscape covering 85% of the total land area, and divided equally to guarantee that every place has a fair share of a landscape. When our engineers laid down the initial lines in JEWAR master plan, they had the residents privacy as their number one priority. Our architects worked hard to ensure that the site topography, with its varying levels, allows the residents to enjoy the terrific view of the landscape. Adding more to the compound landscape, they created breathtaking views all around the clusters, from fountains to lakes, pools and garden views.

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VITTORIA-Marsa Allam

Facing the golden sandy beaches of the Red Sea, the resort covers 270,000 sqm with flourishing garden, artificial lakes & pools. The architecture layout & infrastructure have been skillfully designed, using all resources of knowledge & up to date technology, providing all the luxury & convenience of the place. The resort is divided into circular

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Grand Mosque of Pristina

Location: Pristina-Kosovo Client: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Scope of work: Design concept-Competition Area: 8,000 m2

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