the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
“the world of science and technology”

Synonyms: a branch of knowledge, body of knowledge/information/facts, area of study, discipline, field (Oxford Dictionary)

Design Philosophy:
Thousands of years ago, the caveman designed his first shelter, his first hunting tool, and even his first garment, and for years’ design revolved around humans and their harmonic way of living with respect to their nature-based origins; But, as we entered the age of technology, those three main aspects of design were long forgotten. As time passed and years went by, we thought to our selves, something is missing, something is just not right, and in our search for the missing secret ingredient, we found a simple connection between these three aspects, Human, Harmony, and originality, that brings great design to life, which we called H2Ollistic.

Journey in the sea of knowledge:

“ Stories will be told, Senses will be engaged, and knowledge will be gained”

As we were on our quest for the concept, the word science projected so many definitions, contexts and even senses, such as endless, plentitude, revelations, depth, transformations, problematic, evolution…
All the above corresponded, a clear view of SEA, the deep, changing, rich, concealed SEA
A journey in the sea will always be adventurous, informative, challenging, deeply problematic and always ambitious.
At the end of a long difficult journey, there s a point to reach, a catch to pursue a mystery to reveal.
Science is a sea of knowledge.

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