Following the success of Jedar, we had to meet the high expectations of the market for our products, So we have created Atrio which serves “Balanced Homes” finalized with high-quality interior designs.

Spread across 19 acres, ATRIO is a cozy community featuring approximately 120 units, representing 18% of the total area, while the rest of the space has been transformed into vibrant green spaces, flawless landscape and intricate water features.

ATRIO has succeeded in introducing a new manner of living, inspired by people’s growing desire to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Consequently, leaving a solid thumbprint on Egypt’s real estate world.
“Balanced Home” is simply the way the compound is developed. From choosing the ideal land plot to the compound’s design and features, aiming to achieve that we are all currently aspiring to find and that is “Balance”.

“Balaanced Home” is Social Balance+Design Balance+ Location Balance

Interior spaces are designed for integration with the outer landscape, terraces, atrium and spacious gardens. The connection is accentuated by large windows, an earthy color palette, and personalized interiors.
With an aim to cater to our homeowner’s diverse tastes, ATRIO offers an array of finishing styles.

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