Baseera Event

December ,06 ,2018

When passion meets purpose!

We had the honor to be working with Baseera to design their new center of excellence where the main stakeholders had low vision.

We started out by researching and investigating to identify and explore areas in the design process that would need tailoring according to our client’s needs. The amount of details that any designer could have missed or failed to tackle was overwhelming. As soon as we started to work on the journey maps, and anticipated the occupant behavior, we found out that special considerations needed to be reexamined in order for the users to fully enjoy the spaces and be able to utilize the project to its full potential.

It is safe to say that this has been a very fruitful and a heartfelt experience that opened our eyes to how simple elements such as wall colors, windows, signage, furniture placement and lighting can really make a difference to others with vision problems.

We are proud to have been part of this enriching and gratifying project.

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