The MAJADA Launch Event

October ,14 ,2019

The announcement of MAJADA, the latest project
designed by IDIA Design and launched by IWAN Developments.
IDIA was pleased to take part in the announcement of the latest project launched by
IWAN Developments, MAJADA. Architect Ehab Mokhtar, our CEO, participated by
speaking about the design concept behind the aforementioned project.

Our role was to create a project, in El Sokhna, that included housing design concepts
and amenities that would be considered as a first home to many. This was accomplished
through the existing services such as medical, educational, touristic, general
promenade, and yacht marina.

The design concept behind this project was to create a place where people can find their
true creative self, a place to refresh and recharge, to face their daily life challenges. This
Mountain Sanctuary is not just another vacation destination, it’s where you will discover
your creative self.

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