Alex Bank


The experience designed for Alex Bank’s Smart Village brand is fluid, both for the employees and for the clients; inspiring a feeling at every corner.

About the project


Smart Village


Alex Bank




People around the world have reported a feeling of being ‘confined’ in banks. It is a place where they are stuck for extended periods of time against their will, and it is the materialization of the strongest pressure a human being has to endure throughout his/her adult life; the pressure of making money. But What if a visit to the bank could be as fulfilling as a visit to the park? Is architecture capable of inspiring positivity and giving people a sense of their potential, instead of their pressures? At IDIA, we decided that Alex Bank should be an exercise of light.


To counter the sense of confinement, both in physical space and in psychological effect, we designed an expansive, round building with glass exterior to let in natural light. The combination of the circular design, high ceiling and the near-lack of existence of any visible barriers inspired a feeling of openness. A person walking into the bank would not feel like they walked into a building, but were part of the bigger environment that contained it. Additionally, the mixture of the round, exalted design with the glass exterior and light, metallic edges also give the building an essence of timelessness. The silver of metal and whiteness of sunlight create a futuristic feel around the place; making it as much an element of the present as it is of the future.