The Soul of
the Downtown



Located in downtown Sheikh Zayed, Alma is part of a bustling commercial area; where people do their shopping, go out for food and gather in the center of everything.

About the project


Sheikh Zayed - 6th of October


Iwan Developments


2018 - 2020


Alma’s main inspiration was its primary location; a place reminiscent of downtown Cairo.

Rich with history, culture and traffic; downtown Cairo was a symbol of resistance to the old ways, its powerful Art Deco design leading the cultural upheaval after WWI with an irresistible wave of modernism.


Standing as tribute to its original namesake, Alma’s architectural style, mood and urban planning, Alma is heavily inspired by the soul of downtown Cairo.

Centering around an expanse where residents can take a break in the middle of it all, the Boulevard gently interrupts the flow of the small city of Alma with the benches, walkways and coffee stands where life happens, leading up to the compound’s main social attraction; the clubhouse.

designed house models

Family Homes

Twin Houses


Family Homes

Twin Houses