Bibalex Science City


(competition submission)

As firm believers in a better earth for the future, our concept design for the science city project submitted for The International Architectural Competition in 2016 focused on sustainable implementations.

About the project


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As we were on our quest for the concept, the word science projected so many definitions, contexts and even senses, such as endless, plentitude, revelations, depth, transformations, problematic, evolution… All the above corresponded with a clear view of the SEA, the deep, changing, rich, concealed SEA. A journey in the sea will always be adventurous, informative, challenging, deeply problematic and always ambitious. At the end of a long difficult journey, there‚Äôs a point to reach, a catch to pursue, a mystery to reveal. Science is a sea of knowledge.


Despite its complex shape, the structure system is made up of relatively simple two-dimensional elements (struts) interlocking in a geometric pattern to create a truss-like light weight rigid structure. The whole roof structure is supported on few points for ground support.