Crystal Asfour Stores

Commercial / Interior Design

Asfour Crystal is a leading international firm in the domain of crystal manufacturing, whose notoriety in elaborate lighting fixture designs is unparalleled. One aspect of the Asfour Crystal and IDIA collaboration is the redesigning of the stores in order to create a better in-store experience for the customer. The store locations are in the high-end districts of Cairo, attracting a wide array of customers looking for impeccable quality.

About the project


Cairo Festival City & Mall of Egypt




2018 - 2019


The purpose of the design is to pull the attention back on to what matters most, the products. It is imperative that the focal point be on the product display, and for everything else to be built around it. The incorporation of Art Deco elements is to highlight the magical aspects of the crystals. Even the store fronts were created with the intention of capturing the attention of mall goers. The ultimate goal is always to implement modern attributes while still maintaining the authenticity of the paramount brand.


With the Art Deco theme bringing in elements of grandeur and luxury, the contrast created in the room reflected the beauty of the crystal products under the perfect backdrop. The magical space of the showrooms gives focus to the merchandise in a way that exudes beauty. All of these elements coincide to allow for an improved, enticing shopping experience to the customer.