Jedar Clubhouse

Jedar Clubhouse

Interior Design

The Jedar Clubhouse project was designed with the intention of creating a continuum between the indoors and outdoors through various natural elements. The balance in the use of materials allows for an ideal space to host social gatherings, local events, as well as, provide a space for numerous activities.

About the project


Sheikh Zayed


Iwan Developments




The main inspiration behind the project was nature and the outdoors. The raw materials used in the clubhouse were installed to incorporate the elements of nature, while still remaining in the comfort of being inside.


In order to coincide with the nature theme, concrete, wood, and greenery were used to create an outdoor aesthetic. The use of the wood and plants, in combination with the use of concrete produce a balance in the design. The consistent earth toned color scheme and natural look of the project are factors that correlate to create a harmonious environment for the clubhouse visitor.