JEERA Mosque


When we were presented with the project proposal for the “Jeera” compound mosque, we immediately started to think about it within context. How can we build a mosque that – like its enclosing compound – will inspire people to come together?

About the project


Sheikh Zayed


Iwan Developments




At IDIA, we have been researching the integration capabilities of ancient architecture, and specifically that of the Islamic era. Can Islamic designs merge with modern buildings to create space, rather than take away from it?

With the “Jeera” compound mosque, we decided to investigate this direction.


For the mosque design, we saved the details for the gate. Designed to consume to entering worshipper in its intricate Islamic swirls; the person entering would be forced to stop for a second and consider the place of worship. Inside the mosque, we used points of light entry to create space within the confined area and produce a different sensory experience for people visiting the same place up to five times a day. In the mosque, distractions were kept above eye-level; allowing the visitors to sink in prayer as well as indulge in his surrounding – according to preference.