Where neighbors are friends.



When we were presented with the project of a living complex, we thought: What if we could build a compound that brought people together with its very streets, landscaping and natural facilities? What if we could make “Jeera” felt, once again, in our modern, fast-paced world?

About the project


Sheikh Zayed


Iwan Developments




The inspiration for “Jeera” is deeply rooted in our Arab traditions. Meaning neighborliness in Arabic, the concept of “Jeera” has been around almost as long as the Arab world has, and its presence was strongly felt before globalization took over and turned our neighbors into strangers. Where we come from, we have a saying. It goes: “Choose your neighbor before your home”. Its origins are unknown, but it goes back as far as our ancestors could remember.


How can we bring people together without forcing them out of their comfort zones and safe spaces? Using design-thinking, we relied on the true spirit of urban planning to deliver the idea. Using interwoven pathways and cycling routes, we brought people together as they went about their day, and by centering the club in the community, people came together as families to enjoy their community.