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“Jewar” is a building compound, housing units and residents. This project presented us with a new challenge, how could we bring people together, without suffocating them? To us, “Jewar” is not just a triumph of space, but a triumph of our original belief that wherever “Jewar” is, and wherever neighborliness may be, there will always be enough space to include everyone.

About the project


Sheikh Zayed


Iwan Developments




“Jewar” was ultimately designed to center around its people. “Jewar” means a lot of things, “neighborhood”, “vicinity” and “nearness” being some of them. In essence, “Jewar” implies a sense of familiarity. “Jewar” is a safe space where neighborliness can thrive, and it is a space where human beings can prosper.


In planning the area, we realized that traditional street networks would eat up the little space we had for our residents; leaving the place with no depth or space for meaning and memories. Thus, we decided to split the residential and landscaping areas, and invest most of our efforts into placing each residential unit within view of the pool, sitting areas or numerous natural and artificial facilities that populated “Jewar”. As the project started to take more shape, the concept of “Jewar” started to take over. Our choice of natural, earthly colors made it possible for human to be highlighted in the heart of the action, and the residents had all the space they needed to grow without encroaching on each other.