Leap To The Future

Oblisco Capitale


We are proudly taking part in a leap from the past to the future by designing the Oblisco Capitale, aiming for it to become a new landmark in Egypt.

About the project



El Nasr Developments




The tower’s architecture is inspired from both the Pharaonic and Art Deco styles. The proportions of the Oblisco Capitale Tower were emulated carefully from the original obelisk dimensions. These dimensions embody geometrical perfection and structural stability. The Nile River is the second element of inspiration for our design; represented in the project via the canal that connects the corners of land in the project. This water element will be the main means of mobility in the development.


The pattern visible on the tower’s facade is inspired from the lotus flower design used in the Pharaonic  era. However, this design element is not just for decorative purposes, it also has an environmental concept behind it. 

The design contains louvres – inspired by Art Deco – which rotate according to the sun’s inclination, reducing heat throughout the day. At the same time, the ratio between solid and void in the louvres’ design still provides transparency which enhances the visual connection between inside and outside.